3 augustus 2009

things I have been doing

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What a week. I have a lot of projects going on in my creative space. I have won the fabric of the week contest and I am still very excited. I ordered the five yards of fabric and I hope it will be here this/next week. I ordered two new patterns =)
I have also made a few new things for the shop. Some brooches, bags and I am working on some pouches/clutches. (I have to make some good photo's of the new bags) I am planning to participate in a crafty markt in September so I am also making a few cute packages.

My sister got a new mobile phone so I made her a branch new phone case. See the picture.

I will add the new items this week.
Bye bye!

6 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

They're really cute! Love it:)

caramela zei

Lovely !!
Have a sweet day,

Amanda zei

Congrats on winning fabric of the week..Your work is very vibrant and beautiful!

Woollywotnots zei

Congrats on the win! I love that green. What a gorgeous colour!

Kirsty zei

I love your brooches.

june at noon zei

Beautiful greens, my favorite color!