21 juni 2009


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I forgot to mention that my best friend let me made this awesome pie! She used my dandelion design and an illustration I once made of her. I think it is a very original gift for my graduation =) and the pie tastes very good!! it is almost finished :p

Today I've been very busy sewing and etching. I bought an etch pen last week and I tried it on a jar. It is very funny to do.

I also made two new bags from my dandelion fabrics. I think they look very feminine and cute =). The bottom is made of sky leather. I will drop them in the shop soon. The brooches are included.

2 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

That jar is very lovely:) I hope you do more!

Ballee zei

Geweldig werk maak je!
Kom je a.s. zaterdag ook naar Bazar Bizar in Rotterdam?

En verkoop je de broches ook apart/los?
Ze zijn prachtig!