30 mei 2009

The museum online

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It is a bit quiet around here but I am working my ass off for my graduation. This week I finished my digital educative product.
It is a website that gives and introduction about the museum for highschool students. What does a museum do and what kind of people are involved by the different processes in the museum. The internet site is usable by means of a project in the class. The students learn about the different activities of the museum. So there are different assignments.
We made a couple of small films in the depot (I don't know if that is the right word). But the films turned out really nice. The website is in Dutch so the international people can't read it but there are also some pictures and you can watch the films. (the small films are at the 'collectie' part) The films on the other pages are an introduction film that we don't want on the site but because it is a concept we put it there. Later there are coming better films on that spot.

You can visit the website here www.HetMuseumOnline.nl

I also worked on my Branch new line. The bag is finished but I don't have a picutre yet. I will post that later on. And I have some great ideas for the stationery part but have to work some things out. I only have two weeks so I have to hurry hurry hurry!!! HELP! ;)

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Little Z zei

Tjee, wat heb je het druk zeg! Hopelijk heb je nog wel een beetje tijd om van de zon te genieten.

De stempel is al naar je onderweg (hopelijk heb je hem zelfs al gehad gisteren).

Succes met alle voorbereidingen!