16 mei 2009

My creative space

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I am still working on that horrible bag :p I used another sewing machine because mine can't sew through thick fabric unfortunately. On the other picture are some things I am also working on for the Branch New line.
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in the pictures:
- The horrible bag ;)
- Old sewing machine (does great work)
- My pin magnet holder thingie
- Three pieces of my own designed fabric
- Glass vase
- Some other misterious things

About half an our my friend Merie is coming over to make some bagels. After eating them we are going to do some shopping for tonight. Eight friends are coming for dinner so we have to buy some nice food =)

Have a great weekend!

3 opmerkingen:

Little Z zei

Old machines are the best! I myself am the proud owner of a Husqvarna 2000. Have fun eating bagels!

Anoniem zei

Looks like your space is full of creativity!

Anoniem zei

I love that green vine fabric of yours :)