30 april 2009


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Last week I had my last evaluation before my exam in june. everything went well. I still have to make a few things for the 'paper' part and I decided to transfer it into stationery. I already have a few good ideas.

I also want to thank Lisette from little-z for giving me an award and nice words.
She has a great shop and blog. check it out!

Here are some pictures that I made at school.

My presentation, with the website and process (not in picture)

This is one of the stationery products. I will not use this for my exam

My fabrics

Oh and what is this??? I am making another bag!!

3 opmerkingen:

Little Z zei

it looks sooooo very good together. Love the black-white-green combo and the style looks so crispy-fresh contemporary. I'm curious what your teachers will say

(and you are very welcome! and thank you for the compliments)

Laurie zei

I just found your blog via the Spoonflower email. Your work is so lovely. I can't wait for your store to open. The combination of wood, paper and textile is so intriguing. And I adore your color palette. Best of luck on your exams! I can't wait to hear how it goes.

Paper Lady Invites zei

I love them, as usual!