13 april 2009

Busy times

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It has been a while but I was very busy with my pre-exam, the website, products etc.
Last week I made a stationery set. I am not satisfied about it so I have to make another one.
Yesterday I had a lovely easter brunch with my family. Me and my sister made mini sandwiches, bread, mini quiches, sweet scones, cake and a smooty. It was very fun and we had good weather.
I finally received my MOO mini-cards and they are very cute! (see picture)
Today I made a lampshade frame. I came up with the idea by seeing this tutorial from Cicade studio. I already had the lamp. And now it is beside my bed.

Here are some pictures of my mini cards, lampshade and stationery set.

8 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

Mini moo cards are so cute aren't they? Glad you had a good Easter!

Dogmaw zei

Great lampshade!

Little Z zei

Thanx. euhmm.... 1 voor 1 met de rolsnijmachien (ik weet het, niet lachen - vakidioot. ik ga binnenkort eens informeren bij de copyshop wat het kost om daar te printen en snijden)

Die mini moo kaartjes zien er super uit trouwens!! Leuk dat je allemaal verschillende kunt doen.

Little Z zei

er staat een verassing voor je op mijn blog

Noni zei

Inderdaad hoera voor de minikaartjes...super! ^-^

trudette, zei

Ik ben blij dat ik je Blog gevonden heb, wat een mooie dingen allemaal ! Ik ga je volgen vanaf nu :)

Pattern and Perspective zei

Lovely fabric and lampshade. Is this the regular cotton or upholstery weight?

Anoniem zei

Nice work .........but the spelling of stationery regarding paper products is .... using an "E" and not an "A". It is a common mistake however but thought you should know for future work.