26 februari 2009

Moo MiniCards

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Yesterday I was surfing on the internet and found this site called 'Moo'. They print mini card (and postcards, stickers, etc) with your own design! You can use up to 100 full colour photos or designs on your mini calling-cards, add up to 6 lines of text on the reverse of the card. Select fonts and colours. You can use them for everything from self-promotion to craft, as business cards but also as gift tags. Here are some ideas from the website:

I am going to order some for my webshop promotion. I think it is also very nice to collect them.

There is also a special flickr group for the Moo MiniCard.

The beautiful cards on the foto are from http://www.laracameron.com/. She is a very great designer (I think)

2 opmerkingen:

Little-Z zei

Thanks for sharing! This looks great! If I'm correct you don't have to buy 100 of the same design but can choose random pictures? I'm going to take a closer look very soon

caliroll zei

moo is great & your designs are beautiful!