28 februari 2009

Mini tutorial

Pin It
Yesterday I made a small shopping bag. It was very easy so I thought I would share it with you.

click photo to enlarge

You will need:
paper (for pattern)
fabric (40x60,5cm)
bias tape (I used black)
sewing wire
sewing machine

Start to draw the pattern on the paper and cut it out. (see first photo)
fold the fabric so you have two layers.
Pin the pattern on the fabric and cut this out.

Now you have two parts for the bag. (It looks like an undershirt).
Turn it inside out and pin this together. (see second photo)

Now sew the bottom with the machine as shown by number 1
After that draw a line (see 2) at the bottom corners. I did 4cm from the corner and the hook 8cm (an angle of 90 degrees).
Sew the two corners (see 2). Cut the corners after the sewing line.

Sew the handles together as shown by 3.
as finishing, sew the bias tape along all sides. The inside and to the upper part along the handles.
I sewed some extra bias tape on the handle parts for extra firmness.

And you are ready to go with your shopping bag!

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Kristen zei

Thanks for the pattern. Such a great idea. Found you through EntreCard and like your goodies :)