30 januari 2009

Branch Naturals

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Last week I've been working on some new things for my line. Next monday I have to show what I have until now (at school) for this project so I wanted to make some new things.
I started with this mug holder. I wanted the wood round the mug but that was not possible because the wood was to soft so I made two versions. One with my Branch Naturals logo and one with a green stripe.

Yesterday I made an other book. A few weeks ago I found this beautiful wooden onderleggers. I made a book of it with felt.
It turned out pretty nice. It is beginning to look like something but I still have to make a lot.
I hope the branch naturals shop is online in june!

Here are some pictures.

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Little-Z zei

You go girl! That looks great! Love the book and where can I buy those cups? :D