15 september 2011

:: Shopping guide Berlin Part I::

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Berlin was amazing we saw, ate and shopped a lot!
At home I already searched for some cute shops to visit and so we did.

I will show you the shops and places we visited in Berlin in a few post because it is to much for one! haha.

The first day we walked through the Oranienburgerstrasse. We visited arthouse Tachelles wich is still open. This is a old building covered with graffiti. In this building are working different artist with different disciplines. You can visit their workspaces and buy work. It is a mixture between a gallery and a squatted house.
In this street you will also find United Loneliness. This is a label/shop that sells reproduces of Andreas Bartos work. I bought a cloud-paper-airplane t-shirt and love it!

Near Oranienburgerstrasse you will find Fräulein Herz in the Krausnickstrasse. This is a cool shop that sells nice fabrics and handmade bags. She was closed while I was in Berlin but you can also buy fabrics and other things at her online store.

After visiting some stores we got a bit hungry of course ;) Near our appartment at the Chausseestrasse we found a place called Ris-otto. Were you only can eat... Risotto! haha. It was very delicious and cheap! a big plate for only €6,50.

Part II is coming up!

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Lisette zei

O, ik vind het garen ook helemaal iets voor jou!! Ben benieuwd wat je ermee gaat maken...