22 september 2010

:: Back from vacation and back to MadeByMo ::

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Yes! I am back from my vacation to Croatia and it was very lovely!!
We've seen a lot, ate nice meals, relaxed, swam, chilled, trained, wrote, drew, crocheted, photographed, slept and enjoyed our vacation.

You can see more pictures in my flickr set Croatia.

Now I go on with the crafty stuff ;)

BazarBizar has opened a Minishop on de Meent 133 in Rotterdam the Netherlands for six weeks.
Some items of MadeByMo are available in the shop and also cool illustrations, hand printed t-shirts, buttons, bags and other handmade products.
Go check it out!!

I am also busy with upgrading a log/stump. And now I am making a leaves pillow for it =)
Pictures soon!

Bye bye for now.

Don't forget to check my new blogpost on Dutchhandmade this Saturday and read the other lovely posts.

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Hearthandmade zei

these are some great pictures! and great news :)