26 augustus 2010

:: My creative space - on vacation ::

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This sunday we are going on our vacation to Croatia. (google photos of Krka and Plitvich = beautiful!!)

So let's 'talk' about my creative space.

I've made this waist/hip bag and bottle holder especially for the vacation. I can't wear bags for a long time on my shoulders so I've decided to make one I could wear on my waist. They are detachable so I can adjust other bags etc. to the waist belt if I am planning to make others.

This is the result. My mother in law helped me out with the crocheted bottle holder because I am still learning (I will bring some wool with me on vacation so I can make a bunch of crocheted squares for a blanket or something like that)

You have to check out these other creative spaces.

Bye bye, 'See' you in a few weeks!!

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