4 maart 2010

My creative space

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My sewing machine works again so I am very happy! Now I can restart to make some things again. I hope to restock my shop at the beginning of next month. If my sewing machine keeps working!

I am also planning to design a new shop layout but that is something for later this year.

I reopened my very old Strawbunny DaWanda shop with my other handmade items. Here I sell products that don't fit in the Branch New style.

:: Strawbunny DaWanda Shop ::

More creative spaces here: Kootoyoo

4 opmerkingen:

Vic zei

I have to say I'm not normally a big fan of green... but that shade is quite lovely! Pretty, busy space!

Susan L (lily40au) zei

wonderful colours ... i so hope your machines keeps working. keep up the good work

beck zei

Glad to hear that your machine is working again, it can be very frustrating when the things we rely on break down. I love the colours you are working with at the moment xo

linda zei

Beautiful work and love your shop...I've been wondering about Dawanda, but there are so many online shops out there to choose from! I wish I had a sewing machine :P Your space looks very fun!