7 september 2009

Young Masters at Auction was a success - giveaway

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Yesterday the Young Masters at Auction took place in Amsterdam. And for me and for lots of other artists it was a great success. I Sold two of the three designs.

I went there with my friend Lara. First we went inside for a quick look. After that we went for a fast lunch because within an our the action would start.
At our lunch we looked through the catalogue. It was funny to see my work in the catalogue between such great and different artists.

I am very happy that two of my bags were sold for a beautiful price =)

^^The place to be. Prinshendrikkade 33 Amsterdam^^

^^ Me with my catalogue page =) ^^

^^ Lara eating a lovely lunch with me ^^

^^ My work ^^

^^ The auction ^^

Now I am off to work. Within two weeks I will participate at the Plastique fantastique craftymarkt and I want to make a few new things =)

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2 opmerkingen:

Paper Lady Invites zei

Thats so fun! Good job!


BD zei

Rob had het over websites, maar dit is heel wat anders...
Mooie dingen maak je!