4 september 2009

Giveaway Hip&Hot - featured on PaperNStitch - ongekend veiling

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Hey Everybody!

I am back from my vacation. It was very lovely and I am totally relaxed. (for now ;))
I have some things going on that are also interesting for you!

I am featured at Hip&Hot (In English click here) and you can win a brooch of your choice by helping me to think about a new name for one of my Dandelion fabrics. The readers of Hip&Hot also get a 10%off in my shop so go! have a look and help me =)

Today I am also shop of the day at PaperNStitch.com Brittni blogged about it on her beautiful blog. Read here: [woodsy-inspiration]

Another great happening is that I am participating in Young Masters at Auction. (I already wrote about it here) This has started today. Next sunday is the real auction at Amsterdam.
See flyer:

Ongekend stond ook in Trouw gisteren. (bedankt Maartje)
Het artikel is hier te lezen: Kunst met vlekken

bye bye!

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mamutopia zei

Ik heb je tas al gespot in Trouw tussen de andere foto's van de Ongekend-veiling! Leuk hoor :)