17 januari 2009

Pattern and Zurich

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I am so exited because I just ordered 3inch of fabric with my own pattern at Spoonflower.com http://www.spoonflower.com/
This is a beautiful site for beginning designers. You can order a small amount of fabric with your own pattern/design and they ship all over the world.

Now I have to wait... that is not easy. =)

This is a part of the pattern

Tomorrow I am going to Zurich (Switzerland) for a school project. It is about communitiy art. We are going with a small group of people. The last few weeks I had contact with several people over the world. We talked about an art project that had to be made with the community. It also has to be nomanic art. So it has to be able to move. Next week my international group and I are going to work on this art project.
I never went to Zurich so I am very exited to see what kind of city it is.
See you next week. hopefully with some fantastic photos

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