2 augustus 2011

:: Update! busy business ::

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The last few weeks I did not have much time for updating my blog.
I am a little bit ashamed because I am neglecting this blog!
I am very busy with writing lessons for a dutch photo website called Fotoleren.nl

This is a website developed by Het Nederlands Fotomuseum. It is a platform for teachers, students and photography lovers. It shows information and lessons about photography. You can learn and see so many things. The website is still not finished. I write about the influence of photography on art painters and how they used it for their work and what these two art forms have learned from each other.

I am also working on new products for HandMadeByMo. I really like them. The lessons must be finished in september so from than on I can focus myself on making and listing new products in the shop.

I also got my first workshop order for a group of twenty children! =) I also need to prepare some things for that.

Hope to talk to you soon!
Don't hesitate to leave a message =)

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