21 augustus 2010

::My products at BazarBizar Minishop in September::

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Today I posted my first blogpost on the Dutch Handmade blog.
I am so excited to post once a month on the blog.

My column is called:

You can find more articles from other crafters. Almost everyday there is a blog update on Dutch Handmade. Most post are in English and Dutch.

Go!! and read =)

Now I am going to work on some other items for the Bazar Bizar Minishop.
Do you remember I participated in the Bazar Bizar crafty market this year?
read post here, or here, or maybe this one ;)
Ten of my items will be for sale at this temporary shop.

It opens on the 18th of september on 20.00
At Meent 133 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

The shop closes on 24oktober 2010

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