13 mei 2010

:: New fabric labels :: + sweet boyfriend

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My boyfriend is the best!! Yesterday I had a day off from work and am a little ill for a few days now.
When I woke up and entered the kitchen he made me fresh orange juice, wrote me a letter and installed the new acrobat reader, adobe illustrator and photoshop on my laptop before going to his work.

Isn´t that the sweetest!!

He has his own illustration blog here: IntoTheRabbitHole


A few weeks ago I ordered some fabric labels at Jennifersjewels and am very happy with them. Now I can start sewing them on my items.
I already made some new magnets and now I can attach the new labels.

Here is my Bird magnet with a new label (not the best picture)
On the back the label says ´MadeByMo.com´

more creative spaces here

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