23 mei 2010

:: Leather phone case ::

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A few weeks ago my brother in law asked me to make a new phonecase for him because he ordered a new phone. This was a challange for me because he wanted a case made out of leather. I never worked with real leather so I had to try it out first.
He asked for a specific design. He wanted the android logo on it in lime green.
So first I had to find lime green leather. That is why I love etsy because you can find almost everything there.
So I bought the green leather on etsy and the brown leather on marktplaats.nl (something similar as ebay)

I googled to find inspiration from other crafters and found this tutorial on JustSomethingIMade.com I liked the form of the case so much that I used the tutorial to make the case.

My brother in law is very happy with the result.

2 opmerkingen:

mamutopia zei

Die ziet er leuk uit! En leer lijkt me ook moeilijk om mee te werken, mijn naaimachine zou meteen vastlopen ;)

Lisette zei

Love it!