1 mei 2010

:: Fortune Cookies ::

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Last week I made these fortune cookies. My best friend decided to quit her job and start somewhere else. She wanted to give her collegues a little gift and kind words for thanking them. She asked me to make some fortune cookies (I made some in the past) and she wrote everyone an personal fortune/note.
I wrapped the cookies in some plastic and tagged it with a cute bow and my card.

I made a special one for my friend because I am proud of her for quitting her job en start on a new one.

Today we (boyfriend and me) want to go to the garden centre but the weather is not very nice to us. It is raining all day now so I hope it is possible to arrive dry and buy some cute flowers to cheer up our garden.

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mamutopia zei

Ha, die heb ik ook eens gemaakt toen ik wegging bij mijn werk :)