9 juli 2010

:: Food inspiration, Dutch Mon-chou cake (cheese cake) ::

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Monday the 12th of july it's my birthday, I am turning twenty-five!
I often hear that people turning 25 don't want to celebrate their birthday or are depressed because they are nog longer a kid, but an adult. I think you are as young/old as you feel. And turning 25 gives me a good feeling because it is a beautiful number.
So I am going to celebrate it this saturday with some friends and family.

My sister and brother in law are joining us for dinner tomorrow. I already had a birthday present from my mom and her husband.. A BBQ! So what do you think we are going to eat...? YES correct!

We have different kinds of meat and filled peppers, fruit, salads, bread, etc. I am already getting hungry ;) But first I have to make a birthday cake!

Today I am going to make a mon-chou cake. (cheese cake without oven)
Here is the receipe so you can also make a delicious one!

You'll need:
175 gr biscuits (I use Bastogne)
150 gr butter
200 gr monchou or cream cheese
125 gr sugar
2.5 dl whipping cream
2 tablespoons vanilla sugar
"Whip it" (cream stabilizer)
pie filling cherries
(original cherries, you can also use strawberries, peach, or other)
springform Ø 22-24 cm

Step 1] Crush the dry biscuits (you personal favorites) with a rolling pin (in a plastic bag), or a kitchen machine.
Step 2] Melt the butter a little on very low heat and mix well with the biscuit crumbs. Divide the mixture in the greased springform pan to make a pie-bottom and let stiffen in the fridge.
Step 3] Beat the cream cheese and sugar creamy.
Step 4] Beat the cream, vanilla sugar and "Whip it" to stiff peaks.
Step 5] Fold the cream into the mon-chou mixture and divide the mixture over the bottom.
Step 6] Cover the cheese cake with the pie filling Let firm in the fridge for at least 2 hours.(I cover the cheese cake tomorrow, two hours before everyone arrives)

Enjoy your Mon-chou cake!

2 opmerkingen:

Hearthandmade zei

omg this looks so delicious

Homemade by Nancy zei

Mmm..ziet er heerlijk uit!! Fijne verjaardag vast!!! Groetjes, Nancy