5 april 2010

:: New product photos ::

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I hope you all had a very nice easter weekend. I sure have.
Today I was very busy with making new photo's of my products. There are a few new items. I am still editing the photo's and hope to be ready tomorrow. Then I can add some new products to my DaWanda and Etsy shops.
You can already see some pictures and products on my Flickr acount
Soon I will post a shop update here on my blog.
Have a lovely evening!

Click on the photo's

2 opmerkingen:

Essie's hndcraft cuteness blog zei

Je nieuwe spulletjes zijn weer leuk!!
Bedankt voor je berichtje, het is inderdaad een stuk drukker in mijn shop. Dus het artikeltje heeft goed geholpen als promo.

Michelle | Static Window Cling zei

I love the bag most of all. I like how it is yellow green and just totally funky. I can definitely use a bag like that for going out.