25 april 2010

:: Keds collective :: Design your own shoes

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Last week I found this cool website called 'kedscollective.com' were you can design your own shoes. You can start with a blank pair of shoes. You can choose colors and design for upper, inside, lining, binding, midsole etc. It is very cool and there are so many options. If you can't manage to make your own design you should order a pair of custom designed shoes by top designers, cutting-edge artists, musicians and pop culture icons.
But most fun is that you can upload your own illustration and get it printed for $60 a pair.

I've tried two designs with my own illustrations and this is how they turned out.
Pretty branch new-ish I think =)

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Essie's hndcraft cuteness blog zei

Cool!! Heb je ook echt een paar besteld?