21 februari 2010

Beautiful blogger award.

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I would like to thank Lisette (little-z) and Marlous (Planet Fur) who nominated me for a beautiful blogger award.
Now I have to tell you 7 details about myself and nominate 7 other people/blogs.

1] I am a real control freak, but I am learning
2] I make very calm and light products but I like to listen to very hard music, like Tool, Alexisonfire and Opeth
3] I wish I could live from making and selling my handmade products
4] I am very afraid of flying, although I did it more than 10 times. It is only getting worse. And the fun part is that my mom lives in Spain...
5] I realy like cappucino and different coffee tastes but I can't have caffeine because it makes me tremble
6] Yesterday my boyfriend and I worked the whole day on a clay character and I think he/she is funny. Now I only have to paint it with acryl.
7] I have made a new item for the shop. I only have to make some good picture before I am going to sell them/it.

I think most of the people/blogs I nominate already have an beautiful blog award but I like to tell them that I think they are beautiful bloggers
1] Applepiepussy
2] BD - intotherabbithole
3] How about orange
4] mamutopia
5] Dutch Handmade
6] Essie's handcraft cuteness
7] The tiny fig

5 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

Hallo Marieke,
Dankjewel voor de Beautiful Blogger Award, daar ben ik heel blij mee :) Tof dat jij 'm ook gekregen hebt (geheel terecht overigens). Gefeliciteerd!
Groetjes & appeltaart, Mariko

mamutopia zei

Hey fellow control freak :) Thanks for nominating me!! Brings a little sunshine on this gray, rainy day :)

And I'm looking forward to see your new item!

Essie's handcraft cuteness zei

Thank you!!

BD zei

Lekker bezig! :)

Planet Fur zei

Oooow, this is so much fun! Thanks for your juicy details! Groetjes, Marlous