3 januari 2010

Going to Antwerp and shop till you drop

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The first great thing I did in 2010 was going shopping in Antwerp with my best friend Merie. (girl in red jacket)
We did this very often a few years ago so we decided to go this year again. It was the first day of the 'Solden'. So it was very crowded!
We had a very nice lunch meal and shopped till we dropped ;)
I came home with a new winterjacket by 'Mazine', two t-shirts by Paul Frank (love it), new sneakers by 'kustom', a new wallet by 'Roxy' and a very cool iron on illustrations by Mike Perry
Soon I will buy some t-shirts and tank tops and decorate them with these cool illustrations

3 opmerkingen:

mamutopia zei

Leuk, leuk!

Nu wil ik ook :)

Essie's handcraft cuteness zei

Oow die sneakers heb ik ook vorige week in Antwerpen gepast in 2 winkels maar ze hadden mijn maat niet meer.. balen
Iig is het met de Solden altijd fijn shoppen.

BD zei

Lekker bezig!
De jas staat je erg goed! ;)