25 januari 2010

Maria Yasko :: Moomin Valley

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Designer: Maria Yasko

Russian designer Maria Yasko has designed the interior for an family entertainment center. She based her designs on the Moomin books by Finnish novelist Tove Jansson.
She created the interiors of the cafetaria and children's play hall. She used the landscapes, colors and decoration from these books.
I think it looks very playfull. Not only for children.
I really love all of her work.

6 opmerkingen:

mamutopia zei

It looks so lovely, I want to live in it! :)

Essie's handcraft cuteness zei

Sooo cute!!

Lisette zei

Oh my, how lovely! That blue room is a dream!

RedPanties zei

Gosh, these are enchanting!

Planet Fur zei

I love Moomin! And I love this interior! This is so cool!

Reetha zei

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