12 juli 2009

Paper N Stitch

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I turned 24 this weekend and had two little partys. One with a bunch of friends and one for my family. I got some great gifts!

From the 13th of july until the 16th of august I am also selling at Paper n Stitch =)
You can give me a little help. You van vote for me for the most votes contest (each click of the little heart on the left side of my shop will bring my votes up).
I can win a free exhibition or some money so please vote for me!
All you have to do is log in and vote by clicking on the little heart on the left.
PaperNStitch shows some lovely shops every month.

2 opmerkingen:

Little Z zei

Gefeliciteerd! En ik heb op je gestemd.

Ozowiezo zei

Gefeliciteerd! 24, wat lekker piep nog.. En bedankt voor het stemmen, je gaat mee in de tombola!