21 juli 2009


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Last weekend I turned 24 and had some little partys. I got very cool presents. For my graduation/birthday I got a new camera. I wanted a small one wich I can carry every day with me to shoot the beautiful things around me on a photo.

I also got an external hard drive. I wanted that for so long because my laptop is getting fuller and fuller and I can't afford a computer crash! So I backed up all my documents and photo's. I made a firm case for the drive from sky leather and a felt helicopter sewn on it (see picture) (I also designed some new fabric with helicopters hope to some soon)

The picture of the butterfly is made with my new camera. I think it is realy beautiful!!

At least I want you to ask to vote for my fabric (patroondik) here >> VOTE << I win = You win. [edit] Little-z won the fat quarter [/edit]

And vote for my PaperNStitch shop here: VOTE

Thank you very muchos!!

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Barbara York zei

My gosh, what type of camera took that. That is a BEAUTIFUL picture. I know you will have fun with that camera. I wanted to also congragulate you on your win on Spoonflower. I have to wait till friday, which is the last day, but I want to order some of that to make a blouse. I love that pattern.

Barbara in Texas

My Caddy zei

Wow, those are incredible shots!