8 februari 2009

Picture tag

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Today I was reading my daily blogs and saw that I have been tagged by Naomi (odd and woolly). I don't know exactly what the meaning of this all is but I like to participate in this kind of things.

I have to post the 4th picture of the 4th folder on my computer but I don't have any pictures in there. And I have to post the 4th picture of my 4th month on this blog. So I only post the last one :p

This is a picture of my friend dolls. They must represent me me and my best friend merie. We have been best friends sinds the second class in high school and sinds then never been seperated. We have experienced a lot together. These dolls are us around the age of 15. Merie with her red hair and me with my black hair and braids. They are now on my DaWanda site Friend doll Merie and Friend doll Marieke

Now I have to tag 4 other bloggers. But I don't know if everyone is reading this :p
I tag:
Maartje aka Mamutopia
Diana aka Ozowiezo
Mariko aka Applepiepussy and
Aniek aka kerAniek

Hope to see your pictures soon!

bye, Marieke

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