7 december 2008


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Last week I made a new item. I am inspired by the cold weather and all the people how had a large hood and scarf on. Most of the people wear items with the same pattern so I thought why not put the hood and scarf together in one piece. This is what I came up with. You can turn it inside out so the hood is black and the scarf with the pattern or a pattern hood and a black scarf...
Later I surfed on the internet to similar pieces and most of them are knitted.
I really like it and it is nice and warm.

I also wanted to put and illustration on it but i could not figure out how. first i made a brooch but I thought it did not fit the scarfhood so I made a silhouette of it and sewed it on. Now I am content.

This is the brooch I made

And the scarfhood. I 'used' Nena as a model. The pictures are not the best but I wanted to show my thing. ;)

2 opmerkingen:

mamutopia zei

What a nice idea!!

and your brooch is lovely too :)

Tizzalicious zei

The brooch is so cute!